By Newmarket Dentistry
January 12, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: teeth whitening  

Teeth WhiteningCertain habits will cause your tooth discoloration, but even if you've never smoked, avoided red wine and cleaned your teeth religiously, you'll probably notice your teeth aren't as bright as they were a few years ago. It's a natural occurrence, and, let's face it, no one does everything right! You're bound to have caused some tooth stains along the way.

At-home whitening kits can help you get a smile a few shades brighter, but professional whitening in a dentist's office is the most effective way to dramatically improve the whiteness of your smile. No matter how you choose to whiten your teeth, you're certain to see positive results.

Make a Great First Impression

Nearly all American adults put great importance on white teeth. According to a survey from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% consider a white smile a social asset, 96% believe it makes someone more attractive, and 74% think an unsightly smile can hurt your career. There are many ways to improve your smile, but teeth whitening is generally the most affordable, fastest way to do so.

Look Younger

Much as there are many ways to enhance your smile, there are a variety of options for making you appear younger, and teeth whitening is a relatively cheap, simple solution in the grand scheme of things. Teeth discolor as you age, so a white smile drops years from your appearance!

Improve Your Appearance for Special Occasions

There are only so many things you can quickly change about the way you look, like the clothes you wear or your hairstyle. With in-office teeth whitening, you can brighten your smile just as quickly. If you have a job interview or formal occasion to attend, one of the ways to look your best is to schedule a whitening session with your dentist. Newmarket Dentistry in Newmarket, ON, offers professional whitening services that can improve even some of the most stubbornly stained teeth.

Embrace a Higher Self-Esteem

Think of how often you expose your teeth — it's practically impossible to go through a day without talking, laughing, or smiling in front of someone else. Imagine not needing to worry about concealing discolored, stained teeth that make you self-conscious. Wouldn't it be liberating? If the freedom to smile is something you desire, professional teeth whitening is worth your consideration. To learn more about the procedure or schedule a visit at Newmarket Dentistry, call (905) 830-1010.