By Newmarket Dentistry
April 12, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   veneers  

Your hair has been professionally cut and colored, you use the best skin care products and your outfits are always impeccable. Why not veneersgive this same attention to your teeth? If you have cosmetic flaws in your smile, veneers from Dr. Richard Lee-Shanok of Newmarket Dentistry in Newmarket, Ontario, can help your smile match the rest of you! Wondering if veneers would work for you? You've come to the right place!

What are veneers?

If you've ever seen acrylic artificial nails, you'll have a basic idea of what veneers are and how they function. They are very thin and translucent sections of porcelain that have been carefully designed in a laboratory to look exactly like the front of the teeth that are visible when you smile. Each veneer is attached to the natural corresponding tooth to cover up flaws, give a renewed color, shape and size to damaged teeth.

How can veneers help me?

Not many people are lucky enough to have perfectly white, straight, even teeth. Most of us have a few flaws that we'd like to fix. Veneers are the most versatile way to repair these problems, as they conceal any and all surface problems like stains, chips or cracks. They also even out a crooked smile by covering up overlaps and gaps. It's amazing how veneers from your Newmarket dentist combine the best of all cosmetic procedures in one wafer-thin piece of porcelain!

Am I a candidate for veneers?

If your teeth have healthy enamel and are free from decay or gum disease, you're likely a great candidate for veneers! Dr. Lee-Shanok evaluates each of his patients' dental health before deciding on any cosmetic procedure, and any potential problems will be treated first.

If you're ready to give yourself a picture-perfect smile, contact Newmarket Dentistry in Newmarket, Ontario, and ask to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee-Shanok about veneers!