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August 13, 2018
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Root CanalSevere toothaches and constant mouth pain or pressure can be signs you need a root canal. Root canals can save severely damaged or infected teeth from extraction. The root canal procedure strengthens and restores problem teeth so they can resume normal biting and chewing functions without pain or sensitivity. At Newmarket Dentistry, your family dentistry practice in Newmarket, ON, Dr. Richard Lee-Shanok restores damaged and infected teeth with root canal therapy.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a restorative dental treatment for repairing teeth that have been severely damaged by infection or injury. In some cases, teeth with severe damage must be extracted. In many cases, though, root canal therapy can be used to strengthen and restore teeth so extraction is not necessary. Root canal therapy is needed when the soft pulp material in the center of a tooth and root is infected. The infection can even lead to the formation of an abscess below the tooth root. A root canal might be needed if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • A severe or persistent toothache
  • Constant mouth pain or pressure
  • Sharp pain when chewing or biting food
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages

During a root canal procedure, the infected pulp in the center of the tooth and root is completely removed. Then, the tooth and root are thoroughly cleaned inside to ensure all signs of infection and debris have been cleared away. Finally, dental filling is added to the interior of the tooth and root. The dental filling strengthens and restores the tooth, while also preventing additional infection from developing in the area again. A dental crown may also be needed to protect the tooth. Your Newmarket dentist for family dentistry can determine if your tooth needs root canal therapy.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

There are multiple benefits to undergoing root canal therapy for teeth on the verge of extraction. Some of the many benefits of root canal therapy include:

  • Preventing extraction
  • Removing infected pulp
  • Preventing the spread of infection
  • Strengthening and restoring damaged or infected teeth
  • Alleviating tooth pain and sensitivity

Root canal therapy offers several benefits, from preventing extraction to restoring damaged teeth. If you have developed any of the symptoms associated with needing a root canal, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee-Shanok by calling Newmarket Dentistry at (905) 830-1010.