By Newmarket Dentistry
February 26, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers  

Discover how veneers can turn an unattractive smile around for life.

There is a reason so many people are turning to their Newmarket, ON dentist, Dr. Richard Lee-Shanok, for dental veneers. Is it time you Veneersdid the same? Find out the many benefits that getting veneers will afford your smile.

There are so many issues that can affect your teeth’s aesthetics. Fortunately, dental veneers can be used to solve many dental issues, including:

An uneven smile: Are you a vicious tooth grinder or jaw clencher? Then expect to wear down certain teeth a little faster than others. This can lead to an uneven and misshapen smile. If you are looking to get all your teeth back to the same size, it’s time to talk to your cosmetic dentist in Newmarket about getting veneers.

Misalignment: A crooked, overlapping or gaping smile can leave anyone feeling self-conscious. While you could wear braces for up to a year or more to get the results you need, you could also just get a brand new and more aligned smile with dental veneers. In just three visits to our office, you could have a smile that is perfectly straight without ever needing braces.

Worn teeth: Even if you don’t clench your jaw or grind your teeth, it’s normal for teeth to wear down over time. This can cause teeth to become weaker or discolored. Even certain medications like antibiotics can cause severe tooth stains that teeth whitening won’t be able to remove. If you are looking to give your smile more durability while also instantly brightening it then veneers could be the best option for you.

Other dental imperfections: Small issues like cracks and chips in your teeth may not cause functional problems for your teeth, but they can still take a toll on your smile’s appearance. If you want to hide these problem areas for good, veneers can do the trick!

Do you want to see if you are truly a candidate for dental veneers? Then it’s time you scheduled a consultation with your general dentist in Newmarket, ON. Turn to Newmarket Dentistry for all of your general, cosmetic and restorative dental needs.