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February 24, 2014
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It is Dr. Richard Lee-Shanok’s goal as your dentist in Newmarket to offer opportunities for you to continue to improve your knowledge of various dental health care topics, including information about Newmarket Dentistry. To help you better understand your oral health, as well as allowing you to easily communicate with our dentist and staff at Newmarket Dentistry, we continue to utilize Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for a growing social network. 
Our social network is available to help you even when our office is closed.  Whether you have a question in Newmarket about teeth whitening, family dentistry services, Invisalign treatment, veneers, or other areas, our social media channels offer you an improved opportunity to closely interact with us outside of office hours.  Whether you have a question, or want to share your experience, our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages are available around the clock.
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As your dentist in Newmarket, Dr. Richard Lee-Shanok looks forward to engaging with you and providing further dental health care information so that you can continue to maintain a healthy, glowing smile for a lifetime.  As a resident of Newmarket, if you want to know more about teeth whitening, Invisalign treatment or any other area of dentistry, Dr. Lee-Shanok encourages you to visit our expansive social network through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.