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By Newmarket Dentistry
January 27, 2015
Category: Oral Health

Women Dental CareIt’s important for a woman who is pregnant to prioritize good, healthy dental care for the benefit of herself and her unborn children. At the same time, a woman who is with child may have to take extra precautions when she goes to the dentist. Learn more about these concerns from Newmarket family dentist Dr. Richard Lee-Shanok.

Your Initial Appointment

At your first dentist appointment one of the first questions will be asked on your health questionnaire is if you are pregnant or may be pregnant. This is because there are a number of concerns that both you and your dentist must be aware of when coming up with a treatment plan for your teeth. You must make decisions that protect both your health and the health of your baby. If you feel that you may be pregnant, it’s a good idea to visit your primary care doctor to take a test to find out for sure before going to your Newmarket dentist for treatment

Clearing Up Dental Problems During Pregnancy

Having preventative and corrective dental work is important for pregnant patients. During pregnancy, hormones can exasperate existing problems in the mouth, causing pain and swelling. If good oral health isn’t maintained, the teeth and gums can become infected, and these infections have been linked to complications during pregnancy according to the American Pregnancy Association.


One concern that may come up when you visit the dentist is whether it’s safe to order X-rays. Many mothers-to-be to be have concerns about the effects of the radiation emitted by X-ray machines. In most cases, your Newmarket dentist will recommend that annual X-rays are delayed until after the child is born.


Another reason why it's important to tell your dentist if you may be pregnant is that some medications could harm an unborn child. For instance, sedation medication like lidocaine can enter the placenta, so if administered it must be in small amounts. Deep anesthesia and oral sedatives aren’t normally recommended for the safety of the baby. Your dentist will consult you on the best option if you require numbing of pain for a dental procedure during pregnancy.

Dental Care When Pregnant

Remember that it's important that you disclose every detail of your medical history including whether you are pregnant to your doctor when you visit the dentist's office. If you have any lingering concerns about your teeth and how dental work might affect your baby, discuss them with Newmarket dentist Dr. Richard Lee-Shanok. You can reach his office at (905) 830-1010.

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