Say Goodbye to Your Dental Stains

When it comes to cosmetic problems, many dental patients are most concerned about the color of their teeth. A survey by the American teeth whiteningAcademy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed at dentist offices. Dental stains can ruin even the most perfectly aligned and shaped set of teeth. If you see stains on your teeth when you smile in the mirror, rest assured that there is an effective teeth whitening solution offered by Dr. Richard Lee-Shanok at Newmarket Dentistry in Newmarket, ON.

The Common Causes of Dental Stains
It is natural for the teeth to stain and become discolored over an extended period of time. Not everyone has the discipline to brush after every meal to prevent staining caused by certain foods and beverages. Frequent coffee, tea, and wine drinkers often have problems with dental stains. Chewing dark-colored fruits like blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries can also affect the teeth. Dental stains are also common for patients who smoke or use tobacco products. 

Say Goodbye to Dental Stains 
Regardless of the exact cause, your Newmarket, ON dentist can treat many dental stains with just one professional teeth whitening session. After a powerful bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, a whitening tool changes the color up to eight shades. It will get rid of any extrinsic (outer layer) stains that appear on the teeth when you smile.

Say Hello to a Brighter, Whiter Smile
Once you’ve had your teeth whitened professionally, you can say hello to your brighter smile every morning for up to five years (sometimes longer). When your smile looks good, you’re more likely spend additional time caring for your teeth to ensure that it stays that way. Keep up with biannual dental cleanings, avoid eating foods that leave stains, and brush after meals if you want your teeth to look bright and beautiful for as long as possible.

Inquire About Having Your Teeth Whitened 
Professional teeth whitening is the most reliable way to get your smile back up to par. Call Newmarket Dentistry in Newmarket, ON at 905-830-1010 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Lee-Shanok.

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